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One of the most popular markets in Bangladesh is the aziz super market. In this market, other products including clothing and books are sold at the same time. Basically, the aziz super market off day is Tuesday. The market is open from 10 am to 8 pm on normal days other than Tuesday. So if you want to shop from the market, you can do shopping planning by maintaining this time. And those who want to get together other important information about Aziz Super Market, stay with our article. I hope you will benefit a little bit.

Aziz Super Market Off Day Is Tuesday

আজিজ সুপার মার্কেট বন্ধের দিন হলো মঙ্গলবার 

About Aziz Super Market, Shabag, Dhaka

It is a very popular and best selling market in Bangladesh. Those who want to know about the aziz super market off day, they should know the important information about this market. In that context, you can focus on this part of the article.

Literary lovers and young poets and writers always chat in front of the Aziz Super Market. If you want to chat about literature, you can visit the market. I hope you like it a lot. The Aziz Super Market started its journey in 1980.

From the very beginning, this market has been considered as the best place for the literature loving public. Still, in front of this market, different writers of Bangladesh sit down to chat. He discusses various topics of literature in the chat. 

Initially, the Aziz Super Market was called “Pathok Somabesh”. At that time, a small book store of this name was operated. But now that little store has become a huge market. This market is currently able to gain popularity all over the country as aziz super market.

This market was first created by Shahidul Islam Biju. Shahidul Islam Biju was an entrepreneur. Next to the main location of Aziz Super Market is the University of Dhaka and the Public Library. So if you cannot buy any book or product from Dhaka University and Public Library, then you can buy it from Aziz Super Market. 

Would you like to know more about Aziz Super Market? Below are some common facts about this market: 

  • Name: Aziz Super Market
  • Established Year: 1980
  • Established By: Shahidul Islam Biju
  • Market Type: Book & Clothe Store 
  • Location: Shahbag, Dhaka, Bangladesh 
  • Phones Number: 01911751515
  • Off Day: Tuesday

Aziz Super Market Off Day

You may already know that Tuesday day has been selected as the aziz super market off day. Aziz Super Market is off on this day of every week. However, on the normal side, the activities of this Aziz Super Market are conducted from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm. Those of you who want to shop from this market will try to make a shopping plan keeping in mind the right time. 

Aziz Super Market Off Day


আজিজ সুপার মার্কেট বন্ধ থাকে


Location Of Aziz Super Market

You must have already known information about the aziz super market off day! Those who want to shop directly from Aziz Super Market should know about the exact location of this market. The exact location of Aziz Super Market is Shahbagh Road, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh.

Various book fairs are often organized in the empty space in front of Aziz Market. The Aziz Super Market has been formed with only a bookstore on the ground floor. Common, uncommon, and various books are sold there.

On the second floor of the market, you will find t-shirt shops and popular fashion houses. So those who are looking for the same place when it comes to buying books and buying different types of clothing can shop from Aziz Super Market.

221, Elephant road,Shahbag, Dhaka (Elephant Road),

Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh,

GPS: 23.738626,90.39281

Weekly Schedule Of Aziz Super Market

If you only know about the aziz super market off day, then it will not work. You also need to know about the Weekly Schedule of Aziz Super Market. Focus on the chart below to find out when this popular market is open and off during the day:


Working hours


9 Am to 10 Pm


9 Am to 10 Pm


9 Am to 10 Pm


Off Day/Weekend


9 Am to 10 Pm


9 Am to 10 Pm


9 Am to 10 Pm

Holiday Of Aziz Super Market

In today’s article about aziz super market off day or aziz super market weekend, we will know about which days of the year the Aziz Super Market is off. On the occasion of the special day of the year, almost all the markets or stores in Bangladesh are closed. The same logic applies to the Aziz Super Market as well. The special days of the year on which The Aziz Super Market is off are:

  • Eid-Ul-Azha 
  • Eid-Ul-Fitr 

Aziz Super Market On Google Map 

Those who want to buy products from Aziz Super Market by knowing about aziz super market off day should know the location of this market. If you want, you can also find the location of Aziz Super Market from Google Maps. To find the location of Aziz Super Market on Google Maps, take a look at the picture below:

Aziz Super Market On Google Map
Aziz Super Market On Google Map

Warming Up

So how did it feel to have a detailed discussion about today’s aziz super market off day or aziz super market close day? I hope you liked the whole article. Especially for those who want to do regular markets from aziz super market, this article will be very useful.

Remember, it is important to find the best market to consider all aspects of shopping. And in this case, the aziz super market will be able to perfectly match your needs.

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