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Nowadays, you can not find anybody who doesn’t use a handset. In Bangladesh, there are five mobile operators. All of them give us an excellent bundle minute offer. You can buy this minute bundle offer in many ways.

Link: GP Minute Pack Offer 

Robi, GP, Airtel, Banglalink, Teletalk, all of the mobile operators, give us different types of bundle minutes offers. From this article, you will know how to purchase all sim bundle minute offers in 2024.

GP Bundle Minute Offer.

This is very important to know how to buy a GP minutes offer in 2024; you can buy a GP bundle minutes offers in many ways. It is a straightforward way to purchase a GP bundle minutes through USSD code.

One can purchase a bundle minute package online or My GP apps. Now, we give you all the details of the GP bundle minutes offer buying process.

Click: GP Bundle Offer 

Buy GPMinute Bundle By USSD Code.

Grameenphone distributes different minutes offered by different USSD codes. Would you like to purchase the bundle minutes offers, if you want it you have to know the USSD code for bundle minute activation.

We gave you a GP minutes list in our previous post. So now we have discussed just minutes offer purchasing process.

  • At first, you have to choose the best suited minute offer for you
  • Find your proper minutes offer activation code
  • After dial this activation code
  • You will get the activation confirmation SMS.

Here we added the activation code of all GP minute offers.

How To Purchase Minute Bundle From Online?

The GP sim offers the capabilities for purchasing online minutes to its customers. If you want to buy the bundle minutes of GP, in the below steps, you can follow.

  • Go to the GP official Website
  • Find out the GP bundle minute pack
  • Click on the purchase button
  • Enter your GP number
  • You can see one code in your number
  • write this activation code and activate it.

Buy Minute Bundle By Flexiplan Or My GP App.

Flexi Plan and My GP apps are the essential apps for GP sim users. If you have a smartphone, then we will suggest installing these apps from the google play store.

When you install this app, then you have to register your number. And, now you follow these steps to buy the GP bundle minute offer.

  • First, log in to the apps
  • Then, select your bundle minutes option
  • Select your best minutes
  • Follow their instructions and purchase these minutes.

Robi Bundle Minute Offer.

The Robi also has three ways to purchase a Robi bundle minutes pack, like Grameenphone sim. Robi gives us the following information for buying the Robi minutes offers.

Active Robi Minute Bundle By USSD Code.

Like Grameenphone, You can also purchase the Robi bundle minute offer by USSD code. This is the most effortless process of buying minute offers. At first, you have to find out the Robi preferred minute bundle offers a USSD code.

And dial the USSD number and after this package will activate. Robi all bundle minutes offer codes are available on their official website, and you also can find out all offers on our website.

Go To: Robi Bundle Offer

Purchasing Robi Minute Pack By My Robi App.

My Robi is another process of buying the Robi minutes offer. Log in to these apps and register your number. After registration, your Airtel number then selects your offers and follows all instructions. By these instructions, according to your preference, choose your bundle minutes.

Robi Bundle Minute Activation By Online.

Robi also gives its customers to purchase minutes by the online portal. You can follow these steps for buying the minute pack.

  • Go to the Robi official online portals
  • Select your bundle minutes and voice pack
  • Click on your selected pack
  • Then also click on the buy now button
  • After giving your mobile number
  • At last, follow all instructions and buy your favorite pack.

Airtel Bundle Minute Offer.

Airtel delivers different types of minute bundle offer purchasing by USSD code for their customers. Having an airtel sim and choosing airtel minutes provided by USSD code and online portal process.

Active Airtel Minute Bundle Offer via USSD Code.

To buy an Airtel bundle minute pack through USSD code. Following the below steps

  • Search for the right offer for you
  • And then search the activation code of your offer
  • Dial the selected offers USSD code
  • Start your plan

Airtel Bundle Minute Offer Online.

The Airtel launches to give the best opportunity for its customers, like other mobile operators. This Airtel also provides for their customers purchasing the minute offers ability by the online portal.

You have to follow these steps below if you want to buy the Airtel bundle minutes.

  • Go to the Airtel official online portals of Bangladesh
  • Then take off the offers URL (https://www.bd.airtel.com/en/personal/offers)
  • Choose your type of prepaid or postpaid connection.
  • Check your selected offer types
  • According to the price, you can also sort your offer.
  • Prefer the right minute’s offer
  • Then click on the “buy now” button
  • Enter your Airtel number and follow all instructions

Airtel Bundle Minute Offer BD 

My Airtel Bangladesh is another app by Airtel. My Airtel Bangladesh is also providing capabilities to purchase Airtel bundle minutes offers like another sim.

Firstly you have to need to install this app and then register your Airtel number. After logging in to these apps, choose my plan, and then follow the instructions.

Banglalink Bundle Minute Offer.

Banglalink is the biggest mobile operator. Also, Banglalink gives several minute offers for its customers. Banglalink provides USSD and Apps facilities to buy minutes like other telecom operators.

BL Minute Bundle USSD Code.

You will purchase Banglalink bundle minutes through USSD code. Now, we will discuss the process below.

  • Buying by USSD code Banglalink minutes offer
  • Select the right packages for you
  • Search the USSD code of activation
  • Dial the USSD code from your handset
  • Then confirm your activation through the SMS

Buy Bundle Minute By Banglalink App.

My Banglalink is one of the other processes of buying Banglalink bundle minutes. If you want, you can buy a minute offer by My Banglalink apps.

Barely, you have to install these apps from the Google play store. Log in with the number and follow their all process for buying the Banglalink minutes.

Banglalink Bundle Minute Through Recharge 

All of the telecom operators give their all customers various types of offers by recharge. You can buy different types of offers from different telecom operators like Banglalink, Grameen phone, Robi, etc. Like another process, you also get their all offer through recharge.

Final Words:

From this article, you can know all about how to purchase bundle minute offer from several telecom operators. We hope this is very helpful for you and it fulfills all of your demands.

We also hope now you can easily purchase all of the free bundled minutes or voice packs from any operators. Thank you for staying with us and enjoy your offers.

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