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Uttara Market is a popular market in the Uttara region of Dhaka. 1 day of the week has been selected as Uttara market off day. This day is Wednesday.

Also, this market is off for various reasons at different times of the year. Especially on the day of religious festivals, this Rajlokkhi Market is kept off the Uttara Market. Considering that every person can celebrate their own religious festivals properly, this market is kept closed on special days.

So those who want to shop from Rajlokkhi Market Uttara can skip the weekly off-day. As well as the annual off-day skis have to be done. By the way, our article today is written with various information related to this market including Uttara Market Opening Time. We hope you’ll find out all the information with us.

Off day of Uttara market is the Wednesday of every week.

উত্তরা মার্কেটের বন্ধের দিন হিসেবে ১ দিন অর্থ্যাৎ বুধবার‘ সিলেক্ট করা হয়েছে

Uttara Market Off Day

In this section of the article, we will discuss Uttara Market Off Day. Due to traffic jams and other problems in Dhaka, different markets have been kept closed on different days. This shopping mall named Rajlokkhi Market Uttara is no exception. In this case, one day of the week has been selected as the Day of Rajlokkhi Market Uttara.

This day is Wednesday. Also, this shopping complex called Rajlokkhi Market Uttara is half-time off on Thursday. Follow the chart below to know about Uttara Market Off Day that means about different market off days in the Uttara Area.

Market Name Off Day
North Tower Wednesday
Muscat Plaza Wednesday
Rajlokkhi Complex Wednesday
Paulwell Carnation Wednesday
Tropical Alauddin Tower Shopping Complex Wednesday
Uttara Square Shopping Complex Wednesday
Uttara City Center Wednesday
Jamir Ali Market Wednesday
HM Plaza Wednesday

About Uttara Market, Dhaka.

In this part of the article, we will learn some important facts about Uttara Market. In this case, you will be requested to read this part carefully. Originally built on an area of 12,960 square feet, this huge shopping center named Rajlokkhi Market Uttara has been built. The building is a six-story building.

Below which there are shops and various functions of conducting other activities above have been created. It is good to say that this market is closed for the whole day on Wednesday and half a day on Thursday.

According to history, the construction of the Rajlokkhi Market Uttara was completed in two parts. In the first part, the construction of 3 floors was completed. Later, the work of the remaining 3 floor building was completed.

In this case, the authorities are in a financial crisis. Due to this Abdul Latif and Mukhlesur Rahman did not have a loan from Sonali Bank and the entire construction of Rajlokkhi Market Uttara was completed. A theater was also supposed to be built in the market building.

But it wasn’t done in the end. Because rajuk did not have permission. However, in the beginning, there was an auditorium of BSCIC in this building of the market.

Rajlokkhi Market Uttara Off Day

Those who want to shop from Uttara market should know the important information related to this market. This will make it easier to shop properly on time. So thinking about you, we will share a chart in this part of the article. This chart will mention some important information about the Uttara market. Hopefully, this information will help you to shop from the market to some extent

Rajlokkhi Market Uttara off day is 1 day of the week and that day is Wednesday

রাজলক্ষ্মী মার্কেট উত্তরা বন্ধের দিন হলো সপ্তাহের বুধবার

Name Rajlokkhi Market Uttara
Established Time 1992
Address Dhaka Division, Bangladesh, South Asia, Asia
Floor’s 6
Website Link Have no official website
Contact Number 01715-035393

Weekly Schedule Of Uttara Market

Those who want to shop from Rajlokkhi Market Uttara Market should know about this market time. So, in this part of the article, we will share the Weekly Schedule of Rajlokkhi Market Uttara. Let’s go!

Day Opening time Closing time
Saturday 10.00 AM 8.00 PM
Sunday 10.00 AM 8.00 PM
Monday 10.00 AM 8.00 PM
Tuesday 10.00 AM 8.00 PM
Wednesday Off day Off day
Thursday 10.00 AM 8.00 PM
Friday 10.00 AM 8.00 PM

Holidays of Uttara Market

As you already know, Rajlokkhi Market Uttara used to be off 1 day of the week. In addition, this market half-day is off on Thursday. And if we talk about the holiday, then I would say that this Rajlokkhi Market Uttara Market is kept closed in the main religious festivals of Bangladesh

  • Eid-Ul-Fitur
  • Eid-Ul-Azha

Uttara Market On Google Map

Those who love to use Google Maps will have no problem in finding the location of Rajlokkhi Market Uttara. Because the exact location of The Easy Rajlokkhi Market Uttara can be found on Google Maps. So for those who want to find Rajlokkhi Market Uttara online, focus on the picture below.

Uttara Market On Google Map
Uttara Market On Google Map

Warming Up

This was our article today about other related topics including Rajlokkhi Market Uttara Off Day. We have tried to put together all the information about this market. However, if you have any additional information to know, you can tell in the comment box. We hope you liked this article and that’s our happiness. We are leaving for today. Happy shopping!

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