Botanical Garden Off Day | History | Ticket Price | Location [Full Details]

National Botanic Park is located in Mirpur, Dhaka. Which we know as a botanical garden. The botanical garden’s off day is 1 day of every week i.e. Sunday. This popular tourist spot in Bangladesh is off on Sundays. So you must have already understood the topic of our discussion today.

Today we will discuss its botanical garden off-day, entry fee, opening time and other information related to this. I hope this article works for you. So let’s go to the main discussion without delay.

Botanical Garden Off Day

Authorities have selected one day of the week as Botanical Garden Off Day or National Botanical Garden Close Day. This day is Sunday. The National Botanical Garden is off on Sundays. However, the sights remain open on other government holidays.

Botanical Garden Off Day Off Day is Sunday 

Information About National Botanical Garden Mirpur 1

Before we know about botanical garden off day or botanical garden ticket prices, we should know about the identity of the National Botanical Garden. This will allow you to know about the importance of travelling to the sightseeing place and make a decision. So let’s discuss the introduction of this place at the beginning. 

The National Botanic Park is located in Mirpur, Dhaka. About 1.5 million visitors visit there every year. This place is quite popular as the largest centre for conservation, research and exhibition of plant species in Bangladesh. It’s open throughout the year.

However, this National Botanical Garden Close Day is 1 day of the week i.e. Sunday. Apart from this, this spectacular place is always open for the rest of the year. The garden currently has 952 species of plants belonging to 117 tribes. There is also a seasonal flower garden spread over 1.5 acres of the park. Which looks very beautiful.

Originally, on 208 acres or 84 acres of land, this incredibly beautiful place called The National Botanical Garden was built. 

Focus on the following points to find out some important facts about the National Botanical Garden together:

  • Place name: National Botanical Garden
  • Park Type: Zoo & Garden
  • Established Year: 1916
  • Location: Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh 
  • Off Day: Sunday
  • Phone: 8033292
  • Telephone: 381038

Opening Time Of National Botanical Garden

In this section of the article about Botanical Garden Off Day, we will learn about the opening time of the National Botanical Garden. Focus on the chart below to find out the correct information: 

During March-November During December –February
9 am-5pm 9 am-4:30pm

National Botanical Garden Entry Fee

We’ve already learned about Botanical Garden Off Day. Now it’s time to plan and go around. But before that, we need to know about the entry fee set by the Botanical Garden. To enter the Botanical Garden, adults will have to pay an entry fee of Tk 20 and young children will have to pay 5 TK. 

And those who want to visit The Botanical Garden in Bangladesh can visit during the winter because winter is the best time to visit the Botanical Garden. During this time it is completely calm and quiet. Which will make your tour more meaningful and peaceful. Again, in the spring, different types of flowers can be seen in this park. If you want, you can visit the botanical garden in the spring.

For Young 20 Tk
For Child 5 Tk

History Of the National Botanical Garden

Do those who want to know about Botanical Garden Off Day know about the history of this National Botanical Garden? Originally, this spectacular place was established in 1961. From the very beginning, it has been operated with the help of the Department of Environment and Forests, Bangladesh authorities.

The National Botanical Garden was built in 1961, but later in 1980-81, the garden’s cedar-eucalyptus garden was built.

Gradually, the park has become known as the largest centre of conservation, research and display of plant species as a whole. You may already know that this spectacular place was established in 1961. So it is understood that it was established long before the liberation war and the independence of Bangladesh.

Location Of National Botanical Garden

Every visitor should also know about the exact location of the National Botanical Garden along with the Botanical Garden Off Day. The National Botanical Garden is located in Mirpur, Dhaka. 

Many people may want to visit this spectacular place from different places in Bangladesh. Those who want to go here from a distance should go to Gabtali bus station at the beginning. From there, you can go directly to the National Botanical Garden by riding a CNG or rickshaw. It will cost 10 TK to cover the distance of this National Botanical Garden from Gabtali Bus Station.

Location Of National Botanical Garden
Location Of National Botanical Garden

Eating Facilities Of the National Botanical Garden

If you visit a spectacular place called the National Botanical Garden, you may feel hungry. In this case, you can buy food from the roundabout of Mirpur-1. Although there are several food shops in the National Botanical Garden, the price of food there is very high. So it’s better not to buy from there.

If you want to find the location of the National Botanical Garden easily, take the help of Google Maps. If you want to visit the National Botanical Garden through Google Maps, focus on the picture below:

Warming Up

Botanical Garden Off Day is all about today’s discussion. I hope through this article you have come to know about other information including various info related to the national botanical garden off day. And those who love to eat can also safely visit this place called The National Botanical Garden. May your next National Botanical Garden Tour be 100% successful. With such hope, I am leaving today. Thank you for being with the whole article.

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